Origin of bikes fixed gear and singlespeed

The simplest and best performing device is by definition beautiful. The epitome of this is the fixed gear and singlespeed bikes, which are designed for efficiency - and there’s nothing more.

Initially, these were track racing bicycles, which were popular at the beginning of the last century. The second wave of popularity came not so long ago, and these bicycles began to rapidly conquer cities and countries. They were used by bicycle couriers, tacking at great speed between cars, without gears and without brakes. This sight was breathtaking, and the bikes themselves were eye-catching from afar.

There was a culture of riding and performing stunts, many moved to these bikes with bmx. Their popularity began to grow rapidly and reached the masses.

Now most bicycles with a fixed gear are produced with a hub on which two sprockets are mounted - fixed on the one hand, on the other with a freewheel (ratchet), and the same bike can be used as a fix and as a single speed (in fact, like a normal single-gear bike). Often they come with one front brake, with the ability to install an additional rear brake, which is desirable for riding in single speed mode.

The simple design simplifies maintenance as much as possible and makes these bikes extremely reliable and unpretentious. In addition, this makes them truly a work of technical art, which almost unchanged has gone the way of more than 100 years.

Do I like this?

No doubt. The lack of gears does not complicate the ride at all - the opposite is true. Accurate wheels and a special frame design give an indescribable feeling of a ride, making the bicycle your continuation, as if disappearing from the process, leaving only you, the road, and speed.

Not a single mountain bike will give such a feeling, given that they are designed specifically to knead dirt and climb hills, and not for city roads.

Enough to pedal - and wonder how long he can ride without the least effort.

A single gear is selected to provide excellent acceleration and fast speed.

These bikes are suitable for asphalt of any quality, overcome obstacles such as curbs and feel confident on dense dirt roads and park paths.

This is a real reliable tool designed to spread the idea of ​​freedom of movement in the city and at the same time give maximum positive feelings to its owner and others.

BearBike Bicycle Design

Bear Bike bicycle frames are made of high-strength steel, machine-arc tungsten inert gas.

Components not inferior to leading manufacturers, double aluminum rims with a deep profile, metal pedals. Many trifles are carefully thought out so that the future owner thinks about the pleasure of skiing, and not about the shortcomings, and was not disappointed!

What if it doesn't suit me?

A guarantee is provided on the frame, when ordering, it remains possible to return if the bike did not fit in size, color or some other parameters.