Kids Bear Bike Kitezh 20

17 000
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Special attention to comfort
On a children's bike, the quality and shape of the saddle is particularly important. An incorrectly selected saddle can negatively affect the child's blood circulation. Therefore, we installed a soft and anatomically correct GW saddle made of faux leather on the children's bike.
Simplicity and practicality
Best is for children! And by the best, we mean the Kitezh children's model. Literally every element here is made to give children joy and positive emotions. For example, the grips are made of a special non-slip material, and due to the optimal size, it is convenient for the child to operate the bike
Additional wheel
Safety first!
An additional wheelset provides balance during the riding. This guarantees protection from falls. Additional wheels fit naturally into the bright and original design of the children's bike.