Meeting with Bear Bike

BearBike is a brand that combines personality and reliability, a subtle sense of humor and confidence. We make great and affordable city bikes for People. Bright and purposeful, appreciating comfort, courageous and free. Our team is a gathering of enthusiastic professionals who are irrevocably in love with bicycles and fun parties. Therefore, the BearBike showroom is not so much a store as a meeting place with friends, like-minded people and cycling enthusiasts.

Mission Bear Bike

                    It is impossible to imagine a modern and advanced city without a developed cycling culture. Bicycles are not just an environmentally friendly means of transportation, they are an element of reality that reflects a special lifestyle. Bicycles give a large degree of freedom and allow you to otherwise feel the city and its place in it.                 


                    To discover and fully experience the freedom that cycling gives you is only possible if you ride it constantly. Then you will otherwise feel the city and its place in it.                 


                    At BearBike, we found a way to contribute to promoting a cycling culture: we create bicycles that inspire you to ride. Probably, each of us at least once bought a thing in which he felt irresistible and which was doomed to become loved. You always want to wear such things; they give confidence. Same thing with our bikes. We create them so that they become a bright and harmonious part of your daily life.                 


                    We are sure that bicycles should express your point of view and emphasize individuality. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to design and the ability to adapt it to your vision.                 


                    At the same time, we believe that a city bike is not an accessory or a tribute to fashion. It must be reliable, you must be sure of it. Therefore, the quality of bicycles is a priority for us and we do not sacrifice them for the sake of aesthetics.                 


                    It is important for us that the harmony of beauty and quality is available to a large number of people. Therefore, among the cosmic number of manufacturers of components for bicycles, we enthusiastically and intransigently look for and find those who do everything qualitatively, while not demanding half the price for it. This allows BearBike to sell their bikes at very attractive prices.                 


                    In order to draw people into the unusual cycle of cycling life, we regularly participate in bike events, city festivals and other great events of various sizes. In addition, we ourselves organize cool parties with an indispensable shade of carefree recklessness. In a friendly atmosphere of universal enthusiasm, you will feel how interesting, fun and easy it is to ride a bicycle.                 


                    Why did we tell all this? And besides, let us together make our city cool. In this matter, the main thing is to start, and then you can no longer stop